Volunteers' Quotes

How  our people experienced the LifeLine Counselling Course Over the Years.

Fundiswa (2019)

"LifeLine afforded me an amazing experience of personal growth in the past 9 months. I not only gained skills that would help me in the counselling room, but I also gained so much insight into my life and skills that I can use in my personal relationships. I have developed such great friendships and strong bonds with fellow interns and I now feel at home every time I step into the doors of the Norwood centre. It truly has been a great experience for me and I know it still holds many more years of growth and fulfilling experiences to come for me."

Marcelle (2019)

"I signed up for Lifeline Johannesburg’s personal growth and counselling skills course in February 2019. Initially, I decided to do the Lifeline course with the hopes of making myself a viable candidate for a masters degree. However, Lifeline has become much more than just a tick on my CV.

The personal growth course was a life changing experience. Lifeline’s approach is kind and supportive, and it allows you to explore your mind at your own pace. It is clear that the course has been refined over many years, and that the facilitators are highly trained.

The personal growth course and counselling skills module has taught me vital life skills. I believe that any person working in a professional environment can benefit from learning active listening skills.  I have found that using my active listening skills in my part time job as a tutor, has made a huge difference in how effective I am at my job.

Furthermore, I am now completing a counselling internship at Lifeline. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to keep practicing my skills, but it also means that Lifeline has become like a second home to me. I love completing shifts and receiving the support I need.

I highly recommend this Lifeline course to anyone. It is a life changing opportunity."


Life changing and exciting. Will be forever grateful for the course as a whole. 

Mona B (2016)

I enjoyed it. I had to force myself at times to be less self-conscious but once I pushed that aside I just got on with it and learned a lot.  

Tracy E (2016)

Enriching. Valuable in everyday interactions with people. 

 Helen D (2016)

"Lifeline has opened my eyes. I came here after the loss of my brother to HIV and Aids, and trained as a peer counsellor. Talking to someone who is really in need of help, I have pride because I know what it takes to teach the community or even at home."

"After doing the Lifeline course I knew myself and now I know how I am. So that helped me deal with other people. That helped me to help other people, because if I know myself  it’s going to be easier for me to understand what he or she is."

"When I came in Lifeline it was like I was trapped in a dark room.  Lifeline has just switched on the light so I can see I’m in the world of people who are suffering and need someone to listen to."

"I go to that space. I face my demons. It was scary. Takes me to a place I’ve always brushed off, been in denial of. It’s emotional, good, awesome – I now look at things differently. I’m starting a race and looking at the finish line. It’s very far."

"It was an eventful journey in my life. I opened a lot of doors. Took me to cupboards in my life which I was afraid to visit. I went in and picked up all the cobwebs and when I came out it was great. Took me to another level. Changed me in a lot of ways as how I see things now. A powerful transformation."

"It changed me a lot - it makes me who I am today. I’m no longer afraid of people. I can talk about  anything. I have self-esteem again which I didn’t have before. Because now the skeletons are out, I’m free.  "


I have learned to listen well to what other people are saying and also not to judge other people . Because their behaviour might be because of what they have experienced in their lives. – Dories N (2016)

Do study full time at university and counselling is my major so learning the skills was relative, and quite phenomenal and refreshing. 


Megan –vN (2016)

Loved our group, such a diverse group to learn form and share experiences.  


Nicole A (2016)

Group was very diverse and some turned my first impressions of them around. Generally a group that is caring and does not want to offend.  


Lerato N (2016)

It was tough and challenging at times and I’m proud of how I opened up – its unheard of – and the word did not end! 


Lerato N (2016)

It forces you to look into yourself, to be honest and real. It helps you to confront deep seated issues. Loved the journey.


Zaahira I. (2016)

The group was excellent. It’s been fantastic to  be a part of such a diverse group of varying ages and backgrounds. I could not have asked for a better bunch of people to share this with. 


Cherise M (2016)

I have qualities skills and self awareness and self acceptance. I can share my feelings more feely and warmly with my group. I understand and discover the love I was missing from myself. 


Tryphina P (2016)

"I continue to volunteer at LifeLine because I love the counselling and being able to help people to work through their issues. It is very rewarding when people phone and I can hear them "progress" as they begin to "process" their issues. It gives me a different perspective on my own life, and makes me feel grateful for everything I have been given in my life." 


Teri Laidley

"For me LifeLine has helped me to really develop and grow as a person, and I feel as long as I maintain the growth I will have a desire to volunteer at LifeLine. I also find the counselling very rewarding."

Tammy Cromhout

"I benefit so much personally from volunteering at LifeLine and learn and develop continuously. I have also made new friends, which has added richness to my life."

Mickie Jacobs

"I find the work I do at LifeLine i.e. telephone shifts, face-to-face and couple counselling, very rewarding. I am constantly learning as I apply the person-centred approach and I am always amazed at how people do gradually get their power back."

Genevieve Junkoon

"I enjoy the counselling and feel an added sense of purpose and fulfillment. I also enjoy the opportunities for ongoing training and personal growth. I also like the interaction with other counsellors."

Nadia Cornelius

"I volunteer at LifeLine, and have done so for twenty years, because I receive fulfillment, I make a difference with others, I continue my own personal growth and I receive support and fellowship."

Sheila Meyer

"I feel that it is a privilege to experience someone's world and to be able to be part of their journey in self-empowerment. It is a blessing for me to reach out to others and I feel that I grow as a person by being part of that journey."

Alexandra Kayle

"The experiences I have had, being a part of the LifeLine organisation and through counselling, is something I find very meaningful and fulfilling. I enjoy being in the company of like-minded people, and the continual learning and growth that I have experienced so far has added a lot of meaning to my life. It has become a major part of who I am, and the reward that I get personally from counselling adds to that. It's great to feel a part of something so special, and it would take a lot for me to leave."

Bronwyn Jones

"My main reason for volunteering at LifeLine is how rewarding it is. The learning and the personal growth is on-going. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to connect with others on such an honest and meaningful level."

Anne Reeves

"I generally like the people involved with LifeLine. Giving back to the community makes me feel happy. I enjoy all the on-going training offered at LifeLine and feel privileged to have access to the counselling skills. I enjoy meeting all the new and different people at LifeLine and LifeLine continues to add to my life, it has become a part of my life."

Heather Owen

"I enjoy being a part of an organisation that does so much to help and support the community. I am excited about both the counselling and community projects. I really love the counselling, and there are so many opportunities for personal growth, and skills development. I really believe in the cause. I am continually challenged to better myself and it is very rewarding to be able to be there for others. I hold Roger's theory in high regard, and see the benefits of it over and over again. I am very excited by all of the counselling opportunities."

Natalie Ernst


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