Community Projects and Partners

Victim Empowerment

LifeLine Johannesburg is present in 17 police stations across Soweto, Lenasia and greater JHB. We provide victim containment services and referral at the stations. We are trying to extend this into a community trauma model, and to make sure we have sufficient funding for training, supervising and supporting the volunteers.

This is partially funded by the Gauteng Department of Social Development and supported by the Department of Community Safety.

Alexandra Community Strengthening Project

This project utilisises peer educators to take information about LifeLine services, as well as social diagnostics into Alexandra homes, refer people into LifeLine services and recruit them into community conversations. The community conversations are then held to provide a voice to the people of Alex and to start a community development process driven by the community themselves. The development then takes place through working with small groups. At the same time, we make our counselling more accessible by taking it into the community, running emotional wellness and personal growth courses, and responding to crises and trauma. R1 million, of the R1.5 million needed to run this programme, is funded by Lotto and the Ford Foundation.

Soweto Community Strengthening Project

Like the Alex project, but a much longer process as Soweto is much bigger. The project has started within 20 suburbs of Soweto. The Soweto programme costs R1.6 million and we have R1 million funded currently funded by Lotto, Ford Foundation and the Department for Social Development.


We run credible and effective community projects in which we partner with National Lottery, Dept of Social Development, Ford Foundation, Australian High Commission, Belgium Embassy, Anglo American, Investec, Citadel, Macsteel, Strate, Sasfin, Sesequip, Putco , HCIand many others.


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