Counselling with Care

Are you in distress, suicidal, lonely, struggling with an addiction, stuck in a dysfunctional relationship, going through a divorce, retrenched; about to retire; the victim of a crime, at a cross-road in your life and not sure which road to travel, needing to make a major decision, struggling with a recent diagnosis of a life-threatening disease or you just need someone to talk to?

Whatever your personal struggle - we are available for you.

Counselling can help you when it becomes difficult to deal with your personal difficulties on your own, or if you feel helpless in the face of these difficulties that become overwhelming, or when you are unable to see another view of how your life could be.

LifeLine Johannesburg, Alexandra and Soweto offer a counselling service which is empathic, non-judgemental, engaging, non-directive, respectful and professional. We endeavour to create a safe space for you to look at your situation, gain some clarification and understanding of where your life is and the path you followed to be there, to hear your pain and to empower you so that you can find, your own personal power and a possible solution or a better informed way through the crisis or issue that you are presently facing in your life.

This counselling takes the form of:

  • 24-hour, 365 days a year telephone counselling
  • Face-to-face appointments with a counsellor at our LifeLine centres
  • Trauma intervention
  • Rape-crisis intervention
  • Couple counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Group trauma debriefing sessions

We believe everyone can think and feel better - which will then enable them to live happier, more productive lives.

LifeLine believes that every person has the right to be heard and understood

Call our local LifeLine counselling lines on: 

Johannesburg - 011 728-1331
National share call number - 0861 322 322

Alexandra - 011 443 3555

Soweto - 067 019 0845/ 074 129 6960


  • 011 728 1331
  • 011 728 3497
  • 2 The Avenue
  • Cnr Henrietta Street
  • Norwood, Johannesburg
  • 011 728 1347