In line with LifeLine's overall goal to facilitate strengthening of emotional wellness of individuals and communities and in working towards efficient sustainability, LifeLine Johannesburg created an opportunity for income generating activities through LifeLine Corporate which was established in 1992.

LifeLine Corporate's vision is to provide professional training, consultancy services as well as specialised counselling services to the Corporate Sector, government, NGOs and schools, creating a profitable business unit.

The business unit then contributes to funding counselling services and community based projects in the greater Johannesburg, Soweto and Alexandra areas which are offered free to the community.

LifeLine Corporate aims to provide services and support that allows organisations, teams, as well as the individual to enhance performance through greater self awareness, personal growth and development and skills that empower the individual to take full responsibility for his/her behaviour and actions.

At LifeLine Johannesburg we believe in Emotional Wellness. This is the striving to meet emotional needs constructively. It is the ability to respond resiliently to emotional states and the flow of life events. We believe that if you feel better and think better, you will also perform better.

Emotionally healthy employees are more engaged employees, which contributes to an overall stronger employee brand. As the heart of any company is their employees; commitment towards the wellbeing of employees directly contributes to the equity of the brand, and your bottom line.


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