Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partnership (Giving)

LifeLine Johannesburg’s corporate training division is BBEEE Level 1 with more than 20 years’ experience in tailoring and delivering specific training programmes to each of our clients that give participants new skills and insights into themselves, their colleagues and their organizations. Our brand of applying psychological theory using the Rogerian person-centered approach in our experiential training ensures participant buy-in and engagement and offers opportunities for participants to put new skills and learnings into practice in the training environment. Our training programmes help develop participants both personally and professionally and are often described as life-changing experiences. 

Whilst LifeLine Johannesburg is an emotional wellness organisation, NO counselling or therapy takes place during training.

 As we are a Not for Profit organisation - our training costs are exempt from charging VAT and interventions are often funded from CSI spending, which can be cost effective for clients.

Engaging with Lifeline Corporate as a supplier is therefore more than just a for profit service; a unique opportunity exists for your company's social responsibility contribution. Your company will create social value by both empowering a respected NGO to add value back into the community as well as empowering your employees to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

This engagement will also add value towards your brand image, as we know doing good is always good for business and even better when it makes good business sense. CSR goes far beyond a cost implication or constraint and in fact offers a source of opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage.

Partnering with Corporates in their CSR Initiatives

We can provide paid assistance with training interventions / counselling services on CSR projects that corporates are currently involved with, alternatively corporates can provide funding for specific LifeLine Johannesburg community based projects.


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